First Renewal

Everybody, I wonder if you remember…

The Shikaku Getter Aki! challenge corner
On my old Cho Raji girls! show!!

I can’t believe it’s been two years since then…

But I finally did it…
I renewed my scooter license!!!


I already went for it~

And the whole process passed without any troubles~

What surprised me most
Was that the shop at the examination venue
Sold lots of fancy police goods!

The picture above shows
Omiyage* I bought for the rest of Sphere
Pipo-kun markers~


(*by the way, the name Pipo-kun is taken from the Pi in ‘People’** + the Po in Police!!)

Apart from that
Things like ‘Police Manjuu‘*** and ‘Sakuradamonger Cookie’† also caught my eye
But I didn’t have much time to browse so maybe next time

And with that
This ‘first renewal’ comes
In the midst of training and fervent study and new discoveries(*´υ`*)

Oh oh!

We’re going to guest on Anispa! tomorrow~

If you’ve got the time
Do tune in♪

Thank you!

Note: On ChoRaji, one of the challenges Aki faced was to obtain a scooter license (原付免許). As you can tell, she succeeded. You only need to do a paper test for it (provided you already possess a valid driver’s license), and you’re only allowed to ride scooters up to 50cc at a max speed of 30km/h.
*omiyage = souvenirs
**people in katakana = Pi-puru (ピープル)
***manjuu = steamed buns
†these are cookies sold exclusively in the Sakuradamon area (in Chiyoda) in Tokyo. The name comes from Sakuradamon (桜田門) + Ranger (as in Power Ranger). Picture of the actual cookie box here.

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