I took part in a lottery draw at Marui*
And I won two kiwis


I didn’t really look at the list of items they were giving away
Before I decided to take the lottery challenge
So I was surprised when the onee-san in charge slowly pulled out some kiwis

But I’m really happy!!

When I got home
I had the kiwis chilled and then cut them into slices
And dug in with a spoon~


And and
I bought some Western-styled clothing
It turns out that it’s that particular brand’s 10th year anniversary…

The shopping bag they gave me wasn’t made of paper
But it was an eco-bag made from cloth~

The bags were available in 2 colours
So I was hesitating over which to get
With the look of a lost puppy (^・ェ・^) on my face…

The shop assistant ended up giving me both of the bags!
(Although I am also a regular customer at the shop)


These things
Have made today just ‘a little bit happier’ for me
What a day of happenings~

Tonight is Anispa!

I’ll do my best~

Post title more or less means ‘warm’ (just think of it as short form of hokkori)
*Marui = 0101 = a Japanese departmental store

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