I went to see the bpm-produced show Zipper!~

The writing and production is done by Asa-nii*~!

It was such an awesomely totally
Wonderful stage showwwwww!!!

I have plenty of thoughts about it but…

Truly entertainment!
That’s probably how I’d sum it up…

I learned a lot from (watching) it
And had tons of fun at the same time(´υ`)

But but
I laughed, I cried
My heart was constantly moved during those 2 hours…

…And I’ll digress a bit here but

On my way home after the event
I was thinking about many things and

I suddenly recalled
Something my dad had told me a while back

“Within the human scope of emotions;
Growing angry. Becoming sad. Being happy, having fun.
Aki, which of those do you think is the hardest (to feel)…?”

The young me hesitated, then cheerfully answered
“Becoming sad(*´∀`*)!”

My father told me I had gotten the wrong answer

And he said
“Making someone happy. Allowing them to feel as if they’re having fun. Putting a smile on their face.
Actually, that’s the hardest thing to do~”

At the time
“Ah, so it’s like that…”
Was the extent of my reaction

Now that I’ve grown up
And I’m standing in front of (you) the public
Everyday, the task of putting a smile on people’s faces
I fully realize how hard it can be, yet how wonderful and rewarding it is (to be able to do so)

After all, being able to share so much of my time with so many people
Isn’t it of utmost importance to ‘have fun?'(*´υ`*)

Even if I cry
The tears of gladness, the tears that come from such strong feelings
I do think they’re wonderful (feelings)

…And all this
Is something I’ve had to think anew

I too, will try my best…

…That was some diversion eh?
But bpm’s show was really amazing~!

Today’s stage was the finale but
There seems there’ll be lots more plays to come (from them) so
Do try to go and see them if you can☆

Well then
I’ll leave it here for today~

It’s chilly so please don’t catch a cold OK(^・ェ・)☆

*Asa-nii refers to Asanuma Shintaro, Aki’s co-star in amongst other shows, Minami-ke & Okami-san
refer here for info on the Zipper! show

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