A Year That Was Overflowing With Smiles

I was a guest on yesterday’s
Shibuya Anime Land!

I’m sorry that I didn’t give prior notice…

Thanks to all of you who tuned in!!!

On the radio show
I talked at length about
Myself, the characters I voice and the anime I’ve been involved with
As well as my music career

(The presenter) Tomita-san
Is someone who I’ve come across during interviews
In my acting career, as part of Sphere and as a solo performer too
He’s someone who’s familiar with the path I’ve been walking down (since the beginning)

With such a comfortable setting
I was able to speak with ease, making it a very fun recording time…

And can you believe it!
(The staff) put on a surprise birthday celebration for me…!

The picture above shows the cake they gave me!

A guitar-shaped cake!!!
It’s so so cute!!!
Isn’t it amazing~(*´∀`*)!

I was protesting ‘Ahhh it’s such a shame…’
As we cut it up :P…lol

And of course, when the knife was stuck into the cake
I screamed ‘GIITAAAAAAA!!!’…lol

I was surprised that
It’s not just cute
It’s also really delicious!!!

Above all, I am really happy
To have been treated with so much kindness by the show’s staff

Thank you very much!

Moving on

There’s only a little bit of my days as a 23-year old left…

Actually I don’t really feel anything about it (as yet) but
When I stopped by the agency yesterday
I was able to pick up all the letters and presents that have flown (to me)!

Thank you!
I’ll treasure them!

And as I read the words in the letters
I’m starting to feel it’s like a birthday after all…

So many anime shows have come and gone
The tour has come and gone
So many meetings I have had
In my 23rd year…

And to have all of you voice your congratulations to me this way
Is such a wonderful blessing for me(*´υ`*)

It’s because of the presence of you who support me
That I can keep on smiling throughout my days

Always always
Thank you(*´υ`*)

Tomorrow is Okaeri Radio!

I’ll relay my gratitude through my voice
I’ll do my best~☆

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