It’s getting late in the night but
I still want to say a little something…

Everybody everybody
Thank you!!!!!

I love you all!
Love you aalll!

It’s the first time in my 23 years
That I’ve laughed so much on my birthday

The Okaeri Radio team
Who planned so many things to make me happy
I’ll never forget them

And to Yocchan*, who came runnning to the show at this late hour

Above all
To the people who said ‘Congratulations’ to me
To the people who listened to Okaeri Radio
And to you, who is now reading this blog…

Because of today’s live broadcast
I was able to share my birthday with all of yooouuu~!!!

Really really
Thank you for making it
The bestest, most fun, most happy birthday I’ve ever had(*´`*)

In my haste to say at least a few words of thanks
I thought I’d just write them down here

When I have the time
I’ll sit down and write something properly

I know I’ve said this loads of times already but
Reaaaally, from my heart, with love!!!

Thank you.


Post title is a play on ‘dokkiri’, which means ‘to be surprised’. It was one of the keywords on Aki’s Okaeri Radio birthday special show.
*Yocchan = Hikasa Yoko, who guested on Okaeri Radio

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