Hello, the 24-year old Me!

To my beloved
Mom and dad

Thank you(*´υ`*)

And congratulations!!!

Your Aki has
Been able to celebrate her 24th birthday safely
With all the people she loves

A birthday is when people say ‘congratulations’ to you but
For me it’s a day that every year, I have to say ‘thank you’ to so many people

Thank you.(*´ω`*)

Being in a job I love
And everyday I spend laughing, crying, being angry…
And mostly smiling
For ‘me’ to get to know ‘you’, these meetings
Turning my feelings into words, at this very moment, now

23 years I have lived

I thank you(*´`*)

Every day
Is so fun

It’s not that I can’t think of something specific to say but
Really, I think it’s down to all of you

Because all of you are there for me
Holding me up, supporting me, always teaching me
I am able to laugh as I do

Of course, now that I am 24 I won’t change
And I won’t forget these feelings of gratitude…

That’s something my mom has been teaching me since a long time ago

And also
To be a person who can live and be loved by others

To be a person who is able to live a life
That is fitting of the name ‘Aki’*
I think I have changed my feelings (of gratitude) towards my parents
So from now on, with all my might, I will do my best!

Here’s another little story related to my name!

28th October is
The anniversary of my solo debut

That is
love your life is now 1 year old~(*´∀`*)!!

Music Ray’n is
The foster parent that ‘gave birth’ to the actor & singer known as Toyosaki Aki

My family at the agency
Also deserves lots of thanks(^^)

This is getting pretty lengthy but
I’m just full of ‘thanks’ at the moment…

Bit by bit, I’ll definitely pay back all of you so
Please, continue looking over me

Thank you and I continue to be in your hands(*´υ`*)

*Aki’s name in kanji is 愛生, which literally means ‘love life’

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