Hello Halloween!

Today is Halloween!


Every year
The streets are filled with people going ‘Trick or Treat!’
So I kept some sweets in my pocket just in case

Waddya know, just as I stepped out of my house
I ran into one of the kids in the neighbourhood
Wearing a mantle
(I..i..is it Dracula? lol)
And I gave the kid and his mom some sweets

1 Hokkori~(*´∀`*)

Also, today I nonchalantly
Wore a black cat costume(´ω`)

I was careful to keep it modest…and I thought it was so but
Both of them noticed and asked me
‘Are you by chance, trying to dress as a black cat?’
And I went Uhehe~(*´∀`*) lol

So so~

Without realising it
The Budokan live is less than a month away, isn’t it!!


Sphere’s rehearsals
Are fun rehearsals, where the laughter never dies out~(´∀`)

It’s like how you get all hyped up getting ready the day before you go on a trip
Lives are like that too with the period of excitement, right from the time rehearsals began
And all the way up to the actual live itself
Somehow, it’s really wonderful

By the way
Today’s photo shows some of the contents of the gachagacha for the Budokan live~☆

It’s the gacha that have become an integral part of Sphere lives

Usually you’ll get pin badges in them but
So~me of them might have badges autographed or scribbled on by me…lol

To the people who get them

This time too, I just lightly scribbled on them
So do look forward to see~ing them☆

Anyway everybody
I hope you had a lovely Halloween(*´υ`*)

♪Today’s humming song is
Ice-cream man!

(Is it only me who thinks Tom Waits’s songs are rather Halloween-like…? lol)

*っちゅーこって is a phrase that originates from Sato Satomi and is a sort of short-form for と言う事で (therefore)

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