Someday, I Hope to Have My Own Nukadoko

For a long time, my mother
Has had this hobby of ‘soaking’ stuff

Pickled vegetables, plum wine
Even honey!

During this kind of season
When my throat started feeling a little scratchy~
My mother would take out a bit of a mixture from a bottle that had
Honey and lemon and sugarcubes and daikon soaked together
Poured in some hot water and had me drink it up

With such fond memories
Now that I’ve grown up I still love my (foods) pickled (in) honey(*´υ`*)


What I’m recently in love with
Is today’s photo~☆*

This is
Something from the specialist honey shops I’ve discovered since coming to Tokyo
A dream collaboration of ‘honey x ginger x cinammon x lemon’!

It’s delicious in black tea but
I especially love just scooping a bit up and adding hot water to it~


At the end of a day
Drinking something warm at home makes me go Hoe~
It’s a moment of happiness…

Do drink something delicious to warm yourself up too
And be careful not to catch a cold…☆

Now then!

Tomorrow is the release date of Harukas’s new single~!

Baby Baby Love!
But I’ll leave the talk about that for tomorrow…♪

See you~

Post title – a nukadoko is a pickling bed. Refer here for detailed explanation.
*Aki forgot to upload a photo at first…but now it’s fixed!

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