Baby Baby Love!!!

Today is the 3rd of November!
Haru-chan’s new single!
Baby Baby Love is released today~~~゜。(*´∀`*)。゜゜☆!


This time
It’s really full of ‘OMG CUTE!!!’-ness~
Such a wonderful song☆

And and
It’s soo romantic~!!

I got hold of the CD before you guys did
So I’ve already watched the music clip at home,,,

…Sooo cuteee~☆

Before I knew it
I was grinning to myself(*´∀`*)~

Even just the song makes my heart swoon but
Put together with the music clip
It’s almost giving me a heart attack!!!

I really love
Haru-chan’s ability to make everyone around her smile
It’s something I really admire about her

Listening to her songs
Watching her dance during lives
Without realising it
Those listening and watching, they’ll be smiling

She’s a girl
Who holds that sort of magic power…(*´υ`*)

From the start
I thought of Baby Baby Love as the kind of song that will make many people smile.

All of you
Feel the magic of Haru-chan’s cuteness♪


To all of you who she loves
With utmost effort (and even conflict at times),
The process of making & bringing this CD to you
Has come to an end with this happy release date…

I am filled with 4 people’s worth of happiness mufu~(*´ω`*)
Very happy…

Haru-chan, thank you
And congratulations on today’s release☆

And yeah…

Haru-chan has uploaded this picture on her blog before…

I dug it out from my phone’s archives. lol

Wouldn’t you like to eat such potato chips? lol

♪Today’s humming song

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