Memories in my Ear

By chance
When I went into a shop today
A certain song started playing

And I started getting incredibly excited!!!

…that song was
Oda Kazumasa’s KiraKira,,,

It was the theme song
From my #1 favourite drama Koi no Chikara!!!

So nostalgic!

Okaeri Radio listeners will know this already but

My favourite actor Tsutsumi Shinichi is in it…and!

So is my favourite actress Fukatsu Eri~!!!(*´∀`*)

Fukatsu Eri-san
Has a certain clarity about her, she’s so wonderful~

Also, she’s such a cute cute adult☆

(There’s many cute adults around me too and they like Fukatsu Eri-san too. She’s definitely the representative for ‘cute adults’!)

I really love Tsutsumi Shinichi’s acting
Especially his playful type of characters
I think his acting is wonderful

And these two were the leads in Koi no Chikara

Isn’t this turning into a really Kirakira*-like talk?~


After I left the shop
I cycled through my akiPod and found Kirakira
And became all warm listening to it…

From the sounds in my ear I started recalling all the memories…

Now Now

Tonight is Okaeri Radio

Everybody, listen to the show!

*Kirakira means sparkly
See Youtube for a sample of the song, which was released back in 2002…oh wait, as I’m writing this Aki played it on Okaeri Radio. lol.
See here for info on Koi no Chikara.

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