During Times of Nothingness

When I have a bit of time to do some thinking
No matter what the situation is, I’ll brew a hot drink to go along with it

I do it because it both calms me down
And fills me with gentle feelings

Today I spent a long time aboard the train
Over a can of hot lemonade I bought from a vending machine
I started thinking about a lot of things

About the productions I’m involved in where recording will be coming to an end soon, or
About that certain person with a certain radio name, whose mails never get read on air (sorry!), or
About how it’s getting so cold in the afternoons, or
About the sneakers I wanted to buy today and how I can’t decide what colour I should get them in, or
About how I want to be like the person in that poster hanging over there, or
About the friend I agreed to meet up for a meal with at a given time but ended up not being able to make it & wasn’t even able to get in contact to tell them so, or
About how sexy Shiina Ringo’s voice is, or
About how I’m so curious about what happens next in GANTZ.

Really, a lot and a lot of things…

The thoughts that each and every human forms and ‘discharges’
Builds up into a mass so huge
That it seems like it could engulf the whole of planet Earth

With all those thoughts crammed in people’s hearts and minds
I find it admirable that people can suppress them so well

And the thought of that
Is enough to make me try my best everyday~.(*´`*)

And and

Sent me a diary for my birthday
I’m so happy

What makes me even happier is that
The diary isn’t completely empty
She already wrote some stuff in it

‘It’s dad’s birthday. Please xxx!’, or
‘Aki at Budokan! I’m coming to see you~!’, or
‘Today is the nursery school’s sports meet!’

Apart from that she also wrote:
‘Sometimes, give yourself a hug’
Quoted from Kitagawa Eriko-san

I think that
Sometimes, stop and take a breather
It’s important to just take some time out and do nothing

I learn so much from the people around me

Not just in terms of support, but actually pushing me on from behind

The reason I can live my daily life the way I do is simple
It’s because I want these people to smile
It’s such a childish reason

Though there is of course, another important reason – because I love them all!

Because of all these (people) I love
And gratitude I feel towards the miracle that is the support from all the people around me
It makes me want to try just that little bit harder…☆

Today’s drink is

Hot lemonade (in a PET bottle)

*Kyoko is the name of Aki’s mom

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