I have this habit
Whenever I go to bookstores
I always end up spending more than I intended to

Even if I plan to get just one book or magazine
I end up with 2-3 more, (sometimes) based on the cover alone


Today’s photo.

Fluffy fluffly
Fluffy flufff!!!

I got it on impulse
Just looking at the cover
Sent Cupid’s arrow straight through my heart☆

Ah I want to feel the fluffiness!
And I ended up succumbing to my desires
It wasn’t planned but I ended up buying it~♪

This issue of Brutus had
A special feature titled ‘Everybody’s Pasture’

From the lifestyle of alpacas
To talking about pastures where you can find delicious soft-serve ice cream
It’s really the ‘hottest’ information…

Always seem to have faint smiles on their faces don’t they?

They’re cute(*´ω`*)

Jumping to another topic but

I looked up stuff and here’s a ranking of animals that are always faintly smiling (2010 version)~(*´∀`*)uhehe~


When you meet these animals at aquariums and zoos
Do try and check them out~

…Now now

With that
I have been healed by this fluffy fluffy pic(´ω`)

♪Today’s humming song is

Propeller Plane/Youmou to Ohana

Post title just means fluffy, repeatedly.
Brutus is a Japanese lifestyle/pop culture magazine.

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