My Heart’s Beating Faster and Won’t Stop

Today is Monday isn’t it!

Dill‘s release week is here

Somehow, I’m feeling rather nervous~…゜。(p´`q)。゜゜


Just before the release date
Little by little the nervousness increases…lol

For the time being
I made myself a cup of instant sweet red-bean soup
To calm my heart down
And now I’m writing this blog post~…


And today

Between work I went shopping in Shibuya

I bought a slightly adult-looking☆ Western-styled one piece dress

It’s something I don’t usually wear but
It looked so pretty so I ended up getting it


‘Let’s treat it as a birthday present to myself!’
It was that kind of feeling

When a new season comes
You can smell it in the air
Eating new seasonal foods
Coming across new clothes and accessories…

‘New’ is exciting!
‘Finding’ something is really wonderful isn’t itヽ(´ω`)/

And and
I remembered the tehepero and the present but
Just a while ago I received a souvenir from Enoshima☆

Today’s picture shows the omiyage
Rice crackers!!!

I want to see the dolphins…

Today’s drink is
Hot sweet red-bean soup

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