Words I’d Like to Say…

Tomorrow is Dill‘s release date

I’m so nervous

We're about to deliver Dill into your hands
And there’s so much I want to say
That my heart’s about to burst

This feeling of tightness
I hope it will ease slightly by the time tomorrow comes…


Bathing in the the sound of my beloved Clammbon
Gaining strength from each and every word of their lyrics
I sang my heart out

Thanks to the fun everyone who was connected to the making of Dill had

We were able to make such a tender, gentle song(*´υ`*)

I hope that this song soothes all your hearts
As it did to mine…

When it’s in your hands
I want you to listen to it lots and lots(*´υ`*)

The photo shows
One of most precious precious summer memories!

Clammbon live in Yomiuri Land~!

A super-excited me with the Yomiuri Land Dog. lol

Amidst the soap bubbles drifting through the air
It was a wonderful live that had a huge impact (on me)…

On this day
How I could feel my temperature rising during the live
It’s something I will never forget(*´`*)

That’s it for now
See you tomorrow☆

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