Toyosaki Aki’s 3rd single

Is safely released!



This is a CD that was made with a voice,
Lots of irreplaceable memories
And warm affection

Delivering this
To you…☆

I have lots and lots of thoughts about
This occasion of a 3rd single

But greedily
I intend to keep them to myself

I’m sure that depending on the person who’s listening
People will find different parts of the song appealing
The more parts the better, even if it’s all mixed up
It (still) makes me happy(*´υ`*)

Amongst the thoughts about Dill that I keep locked up
The thing I learned most from Clammbon was to ‘Enjoy music!’

About ‘singing’
I’m still very inexperienced and lack confidence
I’m always feeling
‘Ah I want to be like this’ or ‘Ah I want to do it like this’..

So from the beginning of my solo activities
I felt it really was like trying to ‘find myself’
Attempting many different things, making discoveries along the way

And this time, Dill
Is a gentle song that forgives all my weaknesses

When I first listened to the demo
I felt myself being ‘saved’ & my heart became lighter
It was a feeling of bliss

Ikuko-san said to me
‘To Aki-chan, let’s make a song that is like the dill herb, relieving pain’

It’s really turned out like that…(*´υ`*)

So many recordings
Meeting Mito-san, Daisuke-san & Ikuko-san
And whistling the song so many times

We were able to make a Dill
That heals, and cheers people up

On the other hand
Making something that is much more wonderful than just a CD,,,
I do feel the responsibility…

‘Making’ something is so fun and so wonderful☆

My beloved Clammbon
My trusted production team
And to all of you at the agency that allows me to do the things I love to do

Thank you so very much

And above all
Those of you who have gotten hold of the CD today…

Thank you

I hope that you will be encouraged by Dill
That it becomes a cheerleading song for you…(´υ`)

Do listen to it loads…!

…I’d like to talk a bit about the coupling song but
This will turn into an essay
So maybe next time…lol

Really, there’s lots more I want to say
Lots and lots and lots~(p>υ<;q)。゜゜

This is supposed to be a little summary…

Thanks for reading


♪Today's humming song
♪Tiruru turu turu♪

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