I talked about this on Okaeri Radio too
Seiyuu Animedia December issue!!!

A Sphere cover and main feature!
Supplementary Sphere clear file!


Amazing, 19 pages of Sphere!

19 PAGES!!
It’s like a special volume(*´∀`*)!!

Talk about Sphere’s activities
The photobook release on the 18th
And our own solo activities
As well as photoshoots…

There’s so many different features
You even get to peek at the live rehearsals…

And of course like every month
Sphere’s column, Akizukan & Haruka Mode are featured too~ヽ(´▽`)/

Do check it all out!

I’m really grateful for the opportunity to do a special feature…

The places that we can share our feelings with you are
Our blogs, on the radio, through our lives,,,
It’s not something that happens all day all the time

And amongst those
Are magazine articles where the writers do their very best
To summarise and accurately portray what we say
I’m so thankful for that(*´υ`*)

And on top of that, having the main feature
We were able to talk at length,,,

Thank you so very much

By the way~

Seiyuu Animedia editor M-san
Is the guy who’s been in charge of us right from when we debuted
And all of us in Sphere trust him very much

(Actually he’s the one who was in charge of my first-ever solo pinup shoot!)

I’m sure that he worked really hard on the pages this time too…
Much gratitude to him(´υ`)

Thanks as always☆

It’s a Sphere-filled magazine
So please look out for it


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