Kiri no Ukifune is Really Hot Isn’t It!!

It’s moving into the season of delicious chocolate…

Gummy sweets and mineral water are the only items I buy at convenience stores but

When it starts getting colder
I have an urge to eat chocolate
And so I end up buying it


By the way, what I got today was

It’s gotta be galbo!
I can’t resist how it’s soft yet so crunchy…

I didn’t buy them today but
Sasha and DARS, I love them both too!

Come to think of it
During a break while recording Zakuro the other day
Us seiyuu were getting all heated up discussing our favourite snacks

Do you guys remember a chocolate bar filled with bubbles called Asse (not sure of spelling)…?

I used to love it so much when I was young
Wonder if I can still get hold of it anywhere these days…ヽ(´▽`)/?

Haven’t had it in a while, really feel like devouring one☆

Everybody, when it gets cold
Is there any snack that you think ‘Ah I want to eat this to my heart’s content~♪’?

If there’s any nice sweets you’ve bought lately that you’d like to recommend
Please do tell me~☆


Post title refers to a chocolate brand (霧の浮舟) by Lotte that literally translates to Vessel In The Fog

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