I Captured a Tomashun!

During Budokan rehearsals
I came across a really cute animal!

…or so I thought

It was just Haru-chan
Wearing a parka with bear-ears on top of it. lol

Haru-chan in a fluffy pink parka~

So cuteeヽ(´▽`)/☆

And with that

Only one week left
To the live…!!!

I’m doing my besht at rehearsals(´υ`)

Just a while ago we were able to check out the more-or-less finished version of the pamphlet
And it was chaos (in a good way!)
We were all in fits of laughter. lol

A break that was just bursting with smiles (*´ω`*)

And the highlight of the live will be…

Everything! lol

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have to jump~

It’s gonna be so fun…☆

I’m really looking forward
To seeing all of you there

I’ll be waiting for you~

Changing the topic a bit

Tomorrow’s the release date
Of Ayahi-chan’s second single
Hikari no Filament

Tonight, I’ll watch the music clip from the CD Ayahi-chan gave meヽ(´▽`)/yay☆


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