Hikari no Filament is Released!

Today, the 17th of November is
The release date of Ayahi-chan’s second single Hikari no Filament*!

Everyone, have you listened to it yet~(*´ω`*)

This time
The single is so so cool
It’s filllllled up with lots of Ayahi-chan
A very wonderful CD~…!

I also love the wintery feel of the jacket very much!

It’s kinda like a ‘Yukinko** Ayahi’* feel
Very cute~(*´υ`*)ufu~

My heart is always moved by
The strong emotions Ayahi has towards singing but

This time, the ‘Ayahi singing as if she’s praying’ image that I love
Shining in the midst of a sparkling filament
She’s soooo cool~!!!

The coupling songs too
Are songs that only Ayahi-chan can
Just by listening to them I feel overwhelmed…!

Incredibly moving
So amazing~っ゜。(p>ω<q)。゜゜

..etc etc

My thoughts are starting to drag on, lol
But anyways it's a CD that makes my heart shiver a little

Please please
Listen to it lots…☆

Congrats on its release~ヽ(´▽`)/☆☆☆

♪Today's humming song
Hikari no~Filament~♪

*There’s no official romanization for フィルメント yet, but given the theme of light I’d go for Filament over Fillment.
**Yukinko is a sprite that’s said to appear only when it snows.

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