Please Observe~

Sphere’s first photobook!
Tentai Kansoku~sphere observation~ is released!


It’s really an eventful November…

The photobook
Covers Sphere from its formation up until now

And surely
It’s a Sphere that you’ve never seen before

‘This’ type of Sphere, ‘that’ kind of Sphere,
It’s book that’s completely filled with Sphere~!! lol

What’s amazing about this book is

It’s not just photos in there
There’s coverage of the lives and events we’ve done
Comments from all of us
There’s plenty for you to read~

I’m really happy
To see people talking about my meganekko page…(*´υ`*)

It’s embarassing!!!

This (book) is like a texbook about Sphere
A really wonderful one…

Please everyone!
Observe Sphere~ヽ(´∀`)/

The photo is of myself
Both touched and surprised
By the photos that show ‘this’ and ‘that’ kind of Sphere…☆


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