It’s Budokan tomorrow~

We’ll finally get to see you!!!

Love! Love!ヽ(´▽`)/

I’ll go to bed tonight
Hoping tomorrow will come as soon as possible…

To the Team Sphere staff
Who have been preparing for the live together with us!

Tomorrow, we’ll do a ‘Yay yay oh!’ cheer
And do our best(´υ`)

And to all of you who are coming to the show…

Tomorrow, let’s go all out
Screaming Spheeeree!

Let’s have as much fun as possible…(*´∀`*)♪

By the way
Today’s photo shows my nail art done specially for Budokan~

All of the nails
Has a stone in the colour of everyone in Sphere
Amongst all the silver stones…☆

With feelings of Love!
I’ll do my best!!!


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