ON LOVE, ON Nippon Budokan

Good evening!

Sphere’s first Nippon Budokan live
Sphere Live 2010 sphere ON LOVE, ON Nippon Budokan
Is safely over!!!

To all of you who came to watch
Thank you very much!

As the title shows
It’s thanks to your love
That we were able to stand on a stage as wonderful as the Nippon Budokan

From my heart
Come lots of feelings of ‘Always, thank you’

This time, starting from those feelings
We were able to share our gratitude with so many more of you than usual

The largest crowd that we’ve ever seen at a Sphere live show
We performed in front of more than 10,000 of you

The Budokan is so big

So many artists have stood on this stage before
That strange aura and the history of the place
Sent shivers down my spine

And in this place
Aiming to present a live that is ‘Sphere-like’, intimate and warm
All of us spent a lot of time preparing

Yesterday, being at the same place at the same time as all of you
Sphere really is standing on this stage…
It’s so Sphere-like…

Thinking that, if you were able to have fun (yesterday)
That would make me really really happy

And it’s thanks to all of you who support us
Always & forever looking straight at me,
Cheering me with all you have

When I was standing on the stage
I swore not to show my feelings too much
I thought it would be impolite to all of you if I did

In my daily life
I always have lots of thoughts about
Wanting to be ‘like this’, wanting to ‘do this’, wanting to ‘do it if I can’
Even last night’s live, I was reflecting about it within myself

And in the midst of that
I think I was able to express myself to the fullest, yet without overdoing it

Above all, I stood on the stage with the intention
Of responding to your unwavering love
By giving my all back to you

The four of us
Have such different personalities and ‘colours’ but
But I do believe that we share that one basic outlook

We’re probably all a bit clumsy in our own ways
Not knowing how to properly channel our energies, nor knowing how to hold ourselves back when it’s required

But it’s because of that
When the four of us stand on a stage once again
Being able to share the happiness and the responsibilities as a quartet
I hope that to the best of our abilities, we will be able to express ourselves to the fullest

So different, yet so similar
That’s what I love about Mina-chan, Haru-chan & Ayahi-chan

Sharing a stage with all of you
Is truly fun!!!

To those who came (to the show) yesterday
The live would never have been complete
If even one of you was not present

It was a place where
With your love, we could create something together

Thank you
For coming to meet us…

In the midst of so much of my work where I think ‘I’ll never ever forget this’
This was yet another day that I can take so much pride in

Of course, the view from the stage & all your smiles that I saw yesterday
I’ll never ever forget them

Thank you so much

From now on, let’s share many more fun experiences(*´υ`*)

And and…

To all the staff members who were so busy yesterday…!

Thank you so much

It’s a given for the fans but
The productions, the characters & music that we’ve created together,
It’s because of you that we exist

From now on I’ll concentrate so
Please watch over me

To the cool band members who supported us…

Watanabe-san, Oka-san, Tanaka-san, Hirai-san

The first live band at a Sphere concert,
Despite initial worries we were able to perform at ease

Thank you so much for your wonderful performance!

Starting with the director
All the stage & sound crew…!

With all your efforts, we were able to create this stage

I’ll never forget how
During rehearsals, everyone formed a circle
And screamed ‘Yay yay Oh!’

Truly, thank you

With these members
I’d love to create something again someday!

…and above all, everyone that’s part of the Music Ray’n family…!

Starting with our manager
And everyone at such a warm agency that treats us all like your daughters
I love you

From now on
I’ll continue doing my best so that together, we can do even more exciting things

From tomorrow onwards too
I am in your hands(´ω`)


The picture shows the centre of the Budokan (ceiling)
Taken when I was lying on my back
Somehow, it’s a really soothing
And mysterious place~


Last thing for today!

The day is already over but
24th November is

The release date of
Mina-chan’s 2nd single Startline

Have you gotten your copy yet~?ヽ(´▽`)/

I love Mina-chan’s pure and refreshing voice

Her performance at yesterday’s live too
Was so cute☆

Actually, while I was waiting backstage
I was dancing along too~lol

Please please
Do listen to it loads~♪

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