While I was hanging around
The depachika areas in Ikebukuro recently
I ran into a real reindeer…!

I talked about it on Okaeri Radio yesterday too

Somehow it’s really strong…lol

Or should I say
Wow it’s that time of year already(*´υ`*)

(OT: When I think of the word ‘reindeer’, I remember Kanae-chan’s words~. lol)*


Since it’s that season
I’m thinking of decorating my house with some poinsettias

It really reminds me of Christmas doesn’t it~
Poinsiettas (・ω・)

So when I had some time between work
I went to a few florists looking for poinsiettas

I can’t decide, can’t decide
I’m an indecisive person~(;^・ェ・)

At the end, I couldn’t make my choice today…

So I’m gonna take my revenge in the future

Thinking about Christmas

The preparations for the Sphere Xmas party
Are going fuwa fuwa wonderfully

Hmm what are we going to do…
Or should I say, what could we do to make all of the fans happy…

I’m starting to think about such things~☆

With the Xmas party coming after the Budokan live
It makes this winter a happy, exciting one…(*´ω`*)

That’s all for tonight…☆

*This refers to an episode of Railgun radio where Kanae wasn’t sure if reindeer really existed.

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