Aki: Yui-chan, Happy Birthday~

Yui: Thank you~

Aki: The movie’s a done deal, so you’ve got plenty to be happy about right?

Yui: If we’re talking about happy stuff, there’s that live in February~

Aki: …(*´ω`*)!?

Yui: The venue is Saitama Super Arena, a big place where more than 30,000 people can fit in~. So big! I’m so excited!

Aki: Yes, you would be excited right!!! Congrats! Good luck!

Yui: Funsu! For more details just look at the K-ON!! official site~

Aki: Yosh, I’ll go check it out!

…and so, it’s been announced. lol

With that!

K-ON!! Live!
Being held at Saitama Super Arena!!!

*clap clap~*!

We were banned from talking about it until yesterday
So I’m making the announcement through my blog~(*´ω`*)

There’s still a bit of time before the actual event
So with lots of love in my heart, I’m gonna do my absolute best
To portray Yui at full power~

Please do
Come along to the show☆

The photo shows
Yui (CV:Toyosaki Aki) talking to Toyosaki Aki (CV:Toyosaki Aki). Chaos.

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