I was wandering around Shinjuku

And I found it.

An incredible parfait!


Soft cream on soft cream~

It piles up so high, it’s like a dream~

I was alone at the time so
I had to pass on it since I wouldn’t have managed
If I was with Haru-chan
I’d probably say ‘Let’s go and eat it together!?’…lol

Come to think of it

I haven’t had a parfait
In a long while

If I do have one
I’d like to have choco-banana~

Choco-banana is a dream combo

That might compare to rum-raisin, butter-chicken, reba sashi* with salty sesame oil!!!

Whoever thought of this combination is a genius~(*´∀`*)

Much thanks to the genius!

Thinking of this

I really feel
Like eating a super amazing choco banana parfait
Something like what those old ladies used to make on the rooftops of departmental stores…(。・ω・。)

Today was that kind of winter day(*´υ`*)

It seems it’ll be cold tonight too
So everyone, please keep warm while you’re sleeping~

Don’t catch a cold…☆

Post title refers to a quote by Uiharu from the Railgun anime
*reba sashi is liver sashimi (yes, raw calf’s liver) which is incidentally, Haru-chan’s favourite food.

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