A Cupful of Rewards

Good evening

Thanks for your hard work today

If it’s not over for you yet
Just fight a little bit more!

For those of you taking exams
It’s funsu time~(`ω´)

When I read the mail sent to Okaeri Radio
I discover I have a lot of listeners who are sitting for exams soon…

The situations, environments and circumstances may differ but
Everyone is fighting hard every day…

Jumping to another topic in my brain now

If I was a character from any RPG
I’d love for my job class to be White Mage~

Thanks for the hard workヽ(´▽`)/☆

Saying stuff like that
I’d love to be able to use healing spells

After all, it seems
Healing spells seem to be cast in green light most of the time…lol

Fighting is important but
The period of recovery that follows
May in some cases, be as important or even more vital than the fight itself
That’s a random thought that just came to my mind…

Please everyone, don’t overdo it.


Now then!

I’ve just realised that today is the last day of November!

It’s been a Music Ray’n filled November
And we’ve safely ridden the wave

Everyone at the agency
Thanks for your hard work

And to everyone
Who’s stuck by us through thick and thin

Once again
Thank you very much…

It has been such a fulfilling November
A month I’ve been unable to stop smiling

To all of you who’ve always been supporting us

A bit of digression here but
This was also a month that thanks to so many rehearsals and time spent in the studio
I’ve consumed a lot more coffee than usual. lol

Now that I think about it
This month has been really black*


I mean
There’s this recording studio I happen to use a lot
It has this original coffee(?) that’s really delicious!

All-you-can-drink tasty coffee
I can’t help myself, right? lol

Ah well
Even today after I was done with work
The first thing I did was go grab a caffeine shot…
So today’s picture…

Today’s choice is sweet~
Gingerbread latte.

It’s deelishous゜。(p´ω`q)。゜゜nufuu

And with that
Coffee charge complete~♪

We’re into December

The last part of this year
I’ll try my utmost best
To break into it with full power☆

Honya honya~
See you

*Aki means she’s been drinking a lot of black coffee

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