Like This Evening’s Moon~


A catastrophe never arrived.

Like how the noise & fuss made
On Okaeri Radio last night was a lie
And like how the storm that lasted til this morning was a lie

The weather sure is nice now~(*´ω`*)

The sky never turned red
Thank goodness, thank goodness.

About (NASA’s) new life form discovery

I’m really scared if a situation like (in) GANTZ happens but
If something like Rilakkuma or Fafa
Or Gremlins (good version)
Fell from the sky

I’d think, “Hey, isn’t that nice.” (*´∀`*)guheehe~. lol

Or maybe
Something like Eris or Melwin, Catians with cat ears*
It might turn out to be a little romantic☆


On Okaeri Radio
I mentioned it in passing but
I’ll be off to Kanezawa this weekend

It’s the announcement even for the new anime Hana Saku Iroha~

I will voice a character named Oshimizu Nako

From the moment I read the character materials during the audition period
I felt that I really wanted to be involved with this production

I’m really excited (about this show)

And it’ll be my first visit to Kanezawa!
So I’ll be coming with much feelings of anticipation(*´υ`*)

To everyone who’s coming
Let’s share a wonderful time together~☆☆☆

The picture shows
A beautiful tree I saw on the street!

So shiny, it soothes my heart…ヽ(´▽`)/hoko

*this is a reference to the anime Asobi ni Ikuyo!

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