I went to Faylan-san’s live~!!!

Cute and sexy and bewitching and cool,,,

It was so so wonderfullll(*´∀`*)

Apart from being an artist I orginally liked
She was also a guest on Qwaser Radio as she sang the show’s OP song
As well as singing the OP theme for Hyakka Ryoran, which is airing now
It seems we have quite a few connections

So I was invited to see her performance(´ω`)

Today’s live was
So cool, and with a voice that really grabs at your heart
It made me shiver(´υ`)

All her songs are wonderful but

It’s got to be the songs from the shows that I’ve been involved in
That I’m most attached to

In the midst of that high-tension mood of non-stop cool songs being performed
When that intro started playing,,,

Errand IS HERE!!!

Super powerful!!!*


Is what I felt like. lol

I’d been listening to this song during each recording of Qwaser Radio
The intro really gets you going doesn’t it…

I really worked my reflexes here
And shouted the title call with full power!

…in my heart!


Of course
During the uptempo songs, the downbeat songs, the warm ballads
All of them

It was a heart-rending live, where you could feel the love towards each song (with every note being sung)…

I learned a lot
It was a great live
Thank you so much☆


Tomorrow I’m jumping off to Kanezawa!
I’ll do my best(´▽`)v

*I had a complete lack of ideas on how to translate Aki’s original exclamation of 中水平ぃぃぃ!!!, which is a phrase that refers to the Schwalbe move on the gymnastics rings discipline, where the athlete’s body is completely horizontal as if floating on top of water.

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