Hana Saku Iroha

Good evening
I’m back from Kanazawa~

Hana Saku Iroha‘s formal production announcement
Was a really warm event!

That was due to all of you who came

Thank you very much!

The event was held at
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, a wonderful location
It was a snug place that made me feel right at home
And there we held the talk and lottery draw

The live by nano.RIPE, who are in charge of the theme song and image song
(Such a wonderful song! It moved me!!!)
It was a full-course event

As the first event for Hana Saku Iroha
I feel blessed that
We were able to hold it at a location within the anime’s setting

To be able to walk down the same paths and look at the same sky,
Breathe the same air and feel the same wind that Ohana and the rest of the girls do
From now on, not only when I act as Nako-chan
But for all my roles, I want to make use of the sensations I felt today

Drawing from (my own) real-life experiences
To (try and) trace the feelings of the characters
I think it’s something that’s really really important…(*´υ`*)

I’m getting very excited by
The prospect of speaking as Nako-chan…!

Today was my first time in Ishikawa prefecture!

And I’ve come to love the streets of Kanazawa!

There seem to be lots of art galleries and old movie theaters
For someone like me who loves to take little walks
I really itched to go strolling about (Kanazawa)~…lol

I was really happy too
That so many locals came to the event space

The streets, the people
Are really warm and at ease
It’s a really calming place(*´ω`*)


With that
Hana Saku Iroha‘s gonna get a whole lot more interesting from now on
So I’m gonna do my best
Everyone, please show the anime your warm support!

For all those who came from afar for the event
Thank you very much to you too(*´υ`*)

It’s because of your support
That I feel so strongly about events…

Take a good rest…☆

The photo shows
Me and Haru-chan, running around wearing the HanaIro Ryokan Association’s happi*♪


*A happi coat is a traditional Japanese straight-sleeved coat. Refer to wiki.

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