Today’s photo shows…

Last night’s buri-shabu dinner.

As the name indicates
It’s a yellowtail hotpot

So tastyyy


From now on
Whenever I’m feeling hungry but am not able to eat soon
I’ll just gaze at this photo…lol

I can recall what it tastes like in my brainnnn!!!

It was THAT delicious

Talking about delicious stuff

Based on recommendations from Noto-san
I ended up buying some wheat-gluten as omiyage☆

They came in such beautiful shapes and colours
So much so that it seemed such a waste to eat it
I didn’t know what to pick at first
But I ended up with a flower-shaped one, since it’s Hana Saku Iroha

I ate it with miso soup this morning

Along with the shredded konbu
That I had bought with the wheat-gluten~

Little flowers floating in my miso soup
It was cute…

It tasted really nice
(I’m not blowing my own trumpet!)


Today’s talk is a delicious one☆

Today’s humming song…♪

*song by Perry Como

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