John Lennon

Today was
The anniversary of John Lennon’s death

On today’s Aki-pod
It was a Beatles festival~


If I could time-slip
I’d definitely pick going back in time
Over going into the future

I could aimlessly walk about on the day I was born
Meet my mom and dad who’d be the same age as I am now
Chat with people who are no longer here with us now
Go to an early Beatles live…

Live shows I want to go to
People I want to meet
Sceneries I want to gaze upon
There seems to be loads of them in the past


And that’s what I was thinking about today
While I was listening to all those happy songs~

…but my gosh Tokyo, you’re so cold!!!

Everyone, please keep warm when you sleep
So you don’t catch a cold



The orange light coming from the electric heater
Always seems to bring me a sense of peace during this season~

If I just keep staring at it…gradually I feel myself dozing off
That’s become a daily routine for me lately(*´ω`*)

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