I’ve Got the Magic Master in My Hands!

So many people
Spent today hunting, perhaps they are even now…

…I bought it.

Ni no Kuni…!


Of course hunting is fun but
But I want to use magic tooo☆

The Ni no Kuni game
Is accompanied by a bulky Magic Guidebook

And because of that
The packaging ended up as thick as an issue of (Shonen) Jump (refer to today’s photo)

This is the first time
I’ve seen such a voluminous DS (book) spine

And what’s more, the book comes with the game!!!!

For someone like me who loves hardcover (books)
It makes me feel excited☆☆☆

So excited(*´∀`*)

I mean, that kind of thing

Slimes in Dragon Quest!
Chocobos in FF!
Pikachu in Pokemon!
Cats in Monster Hunter!!!

It’s like something that comes naturally with the (game)!

A miracle yo!!!

So with that
Whilst watching Studio Ghibli’s animation
And being healed by Hisaishi Joe’s music
I think I’ll start playing the game


…by the way

Think that on Railgun Radio
I promised (Ito) Kanae-san and all of you that
‘I won’t spend all night playing games’

…I’ll live up to that promise!!!


There's only 1 month left this year but
I must fulfill that promise I made with all of you
With the spirit that I must not overdo things, I hope to get through the rest of this year

*doyagao is slang for having a smug look on one’s face

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