This is the cake
I was given during the recording
For Motto ToloveRU‘s character song


Cuuteee~what a wastee~

Having said that
I still gobbled it up like always…lol

With all that fluffy cream
It was so delicious

Thanks for the meal☆

You might have heard it on Okaeri Radio last week but
Momo & Nana’s chara song CDs will be out tomorrow~

Look forward to hearing
The dark but cute Momo-chan’s song…☆


Tokyo is so cold today

And the air is really dry
To the point I had to wear a face mask…

And i just thought today ‘Aren’t face masks really convenient…?’

When I wear a mask

On the way to my recording sessions
I can lip-sync and practice (my lines)

When there’s a lot of words that I might trip over,
Just before my auditions
I’m moving my mouth below that mask…

If I don’t wear the mask
I’d look like a dangerous person

And that
Is one of the powers of a face mask! I believe so!!!


And that

Concludes today’s edition of Aki Trivia~ヽ(´▽`)/hyahhaa

That’s all for tonight…☆

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