Merry Christmas!

Good evening everyone


Merry Christmasヽ(´ω`)/☆


The temperature today was a li’l cold too but
Walking down the streets lit up with bright illuminations
Made it seem a whole lot warmer☆

And I
On Christmas Eve…

As usual
Was working(*´∀`*)Vtehepero☆

(Not just I), Me and myself, we were working too~


Today too
Thanks for all your hard work(´υ`)ノ! good child good child

Oh oh

Since today is Christmas Eve
I wore a Santa Claus cosplay. lol

It was only at work
Not on the streets

A red one-piece suit with white tights & light-brown boots…
If you just took a glance it’d look like Santa. lol

I loved the Christmas feeling(*´υ`*)

The cast members and the sound director too
They said to me ‘You look like Santa’
It made me a little bit happy…♪


Another happy thing

(The staff) prepared a cake at the studio
And we all had a little toast

Somehow all this liveliness
Filled me up with warmth…(´ω`)☆

To you who is reading this entry
I fervently wish that you too will be filled with happiness

From me to you
Merry Merry Christmas☆゜。(>ω<)。゜゜☆

The picture shows
A sparkly sparkly tree I saw in Ginza the other day!

I'm getting excited

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