Life Starts Now

From my agency

It’s here…

..Virtual-On Force!!!!!


Actually actually

Congratulations Virtual-On on your 15th anniversary!
I also wrote some comments about it for a magazine

And because of that
I was sent this!

What’s more
A boxxxxx!

An unexpected Christmas presenttt

Thanks so much!
I’ll play it with all my heart(*´∀`*)

Oh and
Speaking of Christmas presents

Today, Santa Minako
Gave me a presenttt☆

I’ll put up a picture of it soon…

It’s super-moe(*´ω`*)

OK ok

Finally tomorrow is

The Spend A Christmas (One Day Late) with Sphere party~!

To make it a merry and happy occasion we’ve made various preparations
So to those who are coming
Let’s have lots of fun together~☆☆☆

So excited, so fidgety…♪

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