Yesterday was
The One-Day Late Christmas Party with Sphere!

It was so much

Thank you very much
To all who came

This time
It had a ‘live at home’ kind of feeling
Talking to you up-close, playing Bingo, performing with hand-bells…

It was such a warm party(*´ω`*)

With it being Christmas
All of us decided to sing covers of Christmas songs but…

The atmosphere reminded me of the time before Sphere was formed
When we still performed as the Music Ray’n girls during lives and events
And that helped to make it a leisurely time…☆

As heard in the lyrics of the last song that we performed
Joyful x Joyful

‘Always, always, thank you’.

Next year, and from now on
I’d be happy if you would continue looking after us (*´υ`*)

And actually
After (the event), there was a 3rd part…

The people who take care of us on a daily basis
From everyone at Music Ray’n to the people at Lantis and of course the Sphere staff
Our solo music and production teams…

…etc etc

(I do really want to introduce everyone properly…)

We held a party and invited
All the people who’ve been supporting us all this while

I am filled much feelings of thanks that words are not enough to express them

It’s because of these people
That I am here today

It’s because these people smile
That I am able to do my best…(´ω`) this was a time I certainly felt that

With gratitude for everything we’ve created together
Let’s move forward next year with much fun

Always, thank you

That was the best Christmas ever(*´υ`*)!!!

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