In 2010

I cried

I laughed

I laughed

I laughed…

It truly was
A wonderful year

All of this
Was thanks
To your support…

Shows, characters
It was because you loved them
That I am who I am

Truly truly
So much so that I cannot
Express it enough using just words

Thank you
Very much

Next year
I hope I can smile together with you too

I hope I can have lots fun together with you

As much as I can, from my heart…

Thank you
For looking out for me throughout this whole year

I hope that next year
Is a blessed one for you….

Enjoy celebrating the new year!

Next year
With all that I have
I’ll do my best to send my voice out to you

Continue to look out for me

New Year’s Eve(*´ω`*)

Toyosaki Aki!

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