New Year(*´υ`*)

Once again this year
I am in your hands

Over the New Year
I was back home in Tokushima

Together with my family
We seized the chance, and took things easy


And everything else

It was so much fun
Talking to my mother about themヽ(´▽`)/

This year, my elder sister came home too
So it’s the first time in a long while that the Toyosaki family was together…

The food we ate and the sake we drank
Why did it taste so good~(*´∀`*)

Easy & warm
That was the best New Year’s I’ve ever had☆

I came back to Tokyo on the 2nd running around
Getting ready for work, sorting out my living arrangements…


From today
I’m back working hard!ヽ(´▽`)/

This year I’m going to try my best
To send out my voice to all of you

Forever, whenever
I will move forward with ‘love’

It’s another new year
So please take care of me again

By the way
The first work of this year
Was shooting the jacket for Sphere (album)~

I think the photos turned out wonderful
So do look forward to it~☆☆☆

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