Today’s photo is

An off-shot from this month’s
Seiyuu Animedia feature

It’s the February issue that’s on sale now~

It’s the first issue of the new year
So I wore a furisode for the photoshoot!

A beautiful kimono,
Something that I so rarely wear…


In the future
I want to become an elderly lady who wears kimono every day. lol

This year’s objectives, music
Roles in upcoming anime
My private life etc…

The interview that accompanies (the shoot) is packed

Please do
Check it out!

Thank you(・ω・)

Within the pages of Seiyuu Animedia
Runs the monthly Sphere and Akizukan columns
So I’m always in their care but…

I do actually
Love looking at all your mails and the illustrations
Reading the thoughts on the previous issue
Every month, reading them makes me go ufufu(*´ω`*)

This month too
There was a fan who sent in an illustration of the members of Sphere
It was so cute and it made me happy~

Thank you(´ψψ`)

It seem that it’s going to get colder tonight
So please do make sure you keep warm and get a good rest…☆


*furisode: long-sleeved kimono

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