Super Cake!

Cold, cold..
Today, Tokyo is so cold (^・ェ・)…

I’m relatively bad at dealing with the cold but
It’s only during this season that I can buy chocolate & ice-cream from the supermarket
And bring it home with me without fear of it melting

That alone
Makes this season an amazing season (^・ェ・)


Speaking of chocolate, today’s photo~~~

Is the home-made chocolate cake that our stylist onee-san
Brought on the day of the shoot for Sphere’s (album) jacket

Such a wonderful thing…!!!

Chocolate cakeヽ(´▽`)/

Its taste was out of this world

Our stylist onee-san has been in charge of Sphere for a long time
She’s a very womanly, amazing onee-san~

I do make my own sweets at times but
I always admire those who can do super high-quality ones~(´ψψ`)


Her girl power level
Is probably as high as Arai-san’s*!!!

(By the way, the furisode I wore for SeiAni – onee-san helped me to put it on☆)

I feel really blessed
To be able to work with such warm and wonderful people…

I think that the warm atmosphere that I work in
Shows through my music, drawings and photos

For the album too
I think the results will be wonderful~…(*´υ`*)

I myself
Have not seen the end product yet
I’m excited♪

Come to think of it

When I resolved to ‘make proper meals’ for myself at the start of the year
Even if I got home at a late hour
I’m still doing it…

I’m gonna do my best to keep my resolutions

*Arai Satomi, voice of Kuroko in Railgun

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