Yodaremushi T-shirt (Yoda mocha colour)

The goods that will be sold at Toyosaki Aki’s music rainbow 01…

Are good and ready to goヽ(´▽`)/!!!


Look look
It’s a Yoda-tee~!!!


This time, we had a hand in the goods planning
So after repeated trials and errors
We’ve come up with goods that were produced with much love and with a lot of thought put into them

I can hardly believe
That Yoda is going to be in your hands this way…

It’s a dream come true(*´ω`*)

Leaving aside the fact that I’m the one who designed it…

It’s so cute…!!! lol

To all the goods staff
Truly truly I am grateful

For putting up with my chaotic requests!

Thank you so much!

Apart from this T-shirt
There are other goods on sale but

The basic concept behind them all
Is to make all of you smile…

They may be a bit maniacal and leisurely
But I hope that they’ll put a broad smile on your face(*´υ`*)

Of course
I hope that people will not just enjoy the live itself
But that you’ll have fun with the goods too!!!

I’ll talk a little bit more
About music rainbow in due time…


Tomorrow, in Yokohama Blitz
Is the Zakuro event!

I’ll be appearing
Both as the voice of Bonbori-chan and as part of Sphere!

Up until just now
I’ve been busy preparing by looking at the scripts but

There’s plenty of activities planned
And I think it’ll be an incredibly fun event(´ψψ`)♪♪♪

For all of you who are coming
Let’s have a fun time together
I’ll do my best

*Yodaremushi is Aki’s self-created mascot character. It’s a…drooling (which is what yodare means) animal of some sort which has also cameo-ed in the Trickster game.

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