Feast~Spring, With Romance~

I participated in
The Otome Yokai Zakuro event
Utage~Haru, Ranman to~

I bewitchingly came
As far as Yokohama BLITZ

For both the first and second parts
I took part in the event as the voice of Bonbori
And as a member of Sphere!

I had such a
Fun and warm time

Really really
Thank you very much

I was able to personally meet all of you who love the Zakuro show so much

Just on the basis of shared love for a series
Everyone is connected to everyone else in a way…or so I think

While gazing at all your smiles
The time we shared, and the show itself
It was something that you and I created together

That was what I felt during the event

I was a little nervous
As this was the first time we’ve performed MOON SIGNAL since the Budokan live but
From beginning to end, I was able to naturally perform it
With a smile on my face(*´υ`*)

The manga will be going on for some time yet
So please continue to support Otome Yokai Zakuro!

The photo shows
The much-talked about
Sakura & Kiri-created
Zakuro manjuu (or part of the packaging)~

Bonbori is the one on…the right. …Maybe. lol

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