A Soothing Taste(*´∀`*)

At the recording studio…


I went to the vending machine intending to buy tea but
Inadvertently, I got this instead!

Canned miso soup.

It’s the first time I’ve seen thisヽ(´▽`)/

The ingredients include nameko (mushrooms), spring onion and wakame (seaweed)

Somehow, the taste was really soothing…

Come to think of it
My manager once drank
Hot-cake flavoured juice

I can see so many sorts of unusual drink flavours starting to appear~

Someday I hope to create
Hokkori-cha (green tea) or Aki-Aji (beer) or Yoda-shiru (coffee)(*´∀`*) lol

Starting from just a can of miso soup
My day has ended up being one filled with dreams☆

Honya honya~

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