When Do the Sheep in Our Dreams Fall Asleep?


It’s less than a week away
From the one-man live event


The excitement and nervousness
They’re mixing up in my heart

How fortunate I am
To be allowed to hold my own one-man live event…☆

All of this
Is possible because of all the people who support me

Thanks thanks
Always, really, thanks(*´υ`*)

The venue is spacious and grand
I hope it’ll turn out to be a place where I can see all of you
With a leisurely mood

It doesn’t matter what seat you’re in
I’ll try to make it so you can feel me as close as possible
And have a warm, warm time~

So come that day
Let’s sing and have a chat together(*´ω`*)nufuu

The photo shows
The usual secret gacha items

As for what’s written on them
Those who strike it lucky, do look forward to finding out…♪

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