A Hug Between Vanilla and Strawberries!

I heard people saying that ‘white strawberries are delicious!’
So I paid a visit to Omotesando…

…found them~(*´∀`*)

White strawberry tart~

But the queue was so long~

As expected of the revolutionary of the tart world, Qu’il fait bon*…!

The bright & sparkly tarts on display in the shop window
Seeing them from the corner of my eye
I waited my turn with much excitement and nerves…

So much so that I became like Yodaremushi.**

The tiramisu would be nice
But the black fig tart looks pretty good too~(*´υ`*)drool

…But but but!

Today, I came to buy you, white strawberry!!!


With those thoughts floating in my mind
I was almost at the front of the queue, second in line~

Almost there!


Customer in front of me: White strawberry please

Salesperson: Understood. (facing the store) White strawberry is now sold out!



I, Aki. Cried.

But but
The customer who bought the last piece

Got it as a present for her daughter~(´∀`)

So even though I was shocked, it warmed my heart…lol

No matter the circumstances
Sweet things bring out the kindness in people


*A chain of patisseries in Tokyo, check out their site
**her drooling mascot

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