Finally, tomorrowww

Is the day of Music Rainbow 01!!!

Toyosaki Aki’s historical
First ever one-man live event!

I’ll be waiting for you at
Nakano Sun Plaza Hall~~~

I prepared for the live
With feelings of excitement and nervousness
Wondering what sort of stage I could create
That would be truly my own

Thinking, thinking, thinking
And the result…

I think not overthinking things
Is the way I should be (^・ェ・)

To you, who always support me
I hope we can share a leisurely time together
That is the most important thing to me(*´υ`*)

Conveying such simple feelings
Together with my honest gratitude
I believe these are the things that are most important to me…

Let’s relax and enjoy our time together♪

With the music that I love
With the songs of the characters that I love
With the clothes that I love (I chose my own outfits this time~)
With the staff that I love

And above all

With you who are coming to the live, who I love(*´ω`*)

For my first one-man live event
All of the things that Toyosaki Aki loves will be gathered together…!

Reflecting upon how fortunate I am to be able to stand on a stage like this
I’ll give it my all and have as much fun as possible tomorrow

See you tomorrow
Let’s meet at the event hallヽ(´▽`)/

♪Today’s humming song is

Tomorrow’s setlist (it’s a secret~)♪

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