Thanks for your hard work, Eleko

My first one-man live event
Is safely over!!!

To those of you who came despite the bitter cold
Thank you so very very much!

I’m really happy
To have been able to share this leisurely time
With all of you(*´υ`*)

During the first half of the event
It felt as if the characters whose songs I was singing
Were cheering me on

Once again
I felt that it’s only because of these characters
That I am who I am today…
These were my feelings on stage. Feelings…

Halfway through
The unexpected appearance of & performance with Eleko
In the midst of this illusionary Akkyo-san

I was really happy
That I got to talk to you more than I usually do~ヽ(´▽`)/

During the second half of the event
With a live band
I performed some of the songs found on my solo singles

The moment I realised how enjoyable it was to be able to move about freely on stage
I just let myself go and had lots of fun (like the lyrics to Dill!)
I think I jumped and moved around a lot…

With all of you beloved (fans) right in front of me
And with the live band’s tender music behind me…

Even though I should have been nervous
Somehow, I felt completely at ease

I could feel the sensations of
Fluffiness and sound and playfulness

It was
Really really funヽ(´▽`)/

Thank you so much!!!

And and!

At the live event today
Lots of new☆info was released!

The first was…

A new single is coming!

I performed it for the first time at today’s live
A song called 春風…

You write it 春風 and read it Shunpu (´υ`)

It’s written by one of my favourite artists
Tsuji Ayano-san

Listening to it, thinking of loved ones
It’s a really gentle song…

Do look forward to it on 13th April

Second up…

My first album will be released!!

Titled love your life, love my life

It will be released on 18th May

We’re still in the process of making the record…

It’s gonna be a great album
So do look forward to it♪

I’m sure it’ll surprise you~(´ψψ`)guhihi

And thirdly…

I’ll be holding solo lives!!!


I’m gonna meet all of you again!ヽ(´▽`)/ヽ(´▽`)/ヽ(´▽`)/!

This series of lives will be called love your live
4th June at Sunplaza Nakano
25th June at Kobe Internaational House

Once again, I’ll have a chance to stand on stage

I’m going to prepare for the live
Slowly & leisurely
Walking at my own pace, seeking out original treasures~♪

This spring, I’m going to do my best
To grow even more before I stand on the stage in Nakano Sunplaza again

For me
Today’s live was my first step…

I’m still incomplete
So please
Continue to look after me

I’m in your hands…!!!

…To all of you who came today
Thank you very much

Whilst dreaming dreams
Of seeing all those smiles etched on your faces



Tomorrow is Mina-chan & Haru-chan’s turn!

Both of them will be sure to create a stage that is truly fitting of themselves
So those who are coming, look forward to it…☆

Fight, Fight!!!

*Eleko is the name of Aki’s elecoustic guitar

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