After the live…

When I got home
After the one-man live event had ended…

The urge to sleep was so intense…

Before I knew it
I had fallen fast asleep on the sofa(*´ω`*)

When I opened my eyes
Uwaaa! The time!
Σ( ̄□ ̄;)

I had wanted to write a proper blog post thanking all of you
Before the day had ended~

So for a while
I wrote a blog post
Concentration, concentration…




The football has started already Σ(´Д`;)

I watched the Asia Cup final

Japan funsu~ヽ(`ω´)/!!!

Congrats on the victory!

With all this stuff
It turned out to be a day where my heart was beating hard even after the live

So then

Starting today, we’re into February

3 weeks away from the K-ON! live~!

I’m really happy that
This year
We have a chance to meet all of you again


Without losing to the cold
I’m gonna do my best tomorrow~!!!

*Coach Alberto Zaccheroni’s nickname

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