Houkago 16-tea time

This morning, I got a mail from Sugar-mi saying
‘Ritsu’s got hold of Jurokucha~’

Oh woww~ヽ(´▽`)/☆

The collaboration between Jurokucha and K-ON!…

Has started!!!

I was on my way to the recording studio with my manager
So I stopped by the convenience store to buy some Jurokucha…

First thing in the morning

A F.U.L.L.S.E.T YO☆☆☆

The bonus this time
Has everybody’s spaced-out faces
So cute~

Without delay
I’m gonna play with the toys whilst inserting my own ad-libs.lol

Do buy some Jurokucha and love Yui-chan with all your hearts~♪

*Jurokucha is a bottled tea produced by Asahi. See wiki

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