My phone screensaver is Swimmy.(´▽`)

This month’s issue of
Seiyuu Grand Prix (March issue)
I got to dress up like an Ohinasama** doll
For the photoshoot

The top part consisted of many layers of kimono while the bottom
Was actually styled like a shrine maiden!


An outfit that I don’t get to wear too often
So I took a photo for remembrance…


In photoshoots
I get to wear all kinds of clothing
It always makes me excited and fidgety(*´ω`*)

And when we talk about exciting stuff!

From March onwards
The manga I draw will be featured every month!

It all began
When I scribbled some drawings
On the back of a MusicRay’n envelope
During a photoshoot break…lol


Do check it out~☆

*Swimmy is a fish character from a picture book
**Ohinasama are dolls made for the Hinamatsuri festival

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